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About the Monitor
The Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor is a monitoring regime for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, managed by Norwegian People's Aid. It was launched on October 29th, 2018 and will be updated regularly.

The Ban Monitor measures progress related to signature, adherence, entry into force, and universalisation of the TPNW. It also evaluates the extent to which the policies and practices of all states comply with the core obligations in the TPNW. The term "compliance" is used in a broad sense to refer to the compatibility of each state's behaviour with the prohibitions of the TPNW, regardless of whether the state in question has adhered to the TPNW. A key purpose of the report is to highlight specific activities that will need to be discontinued if the UN is to achieve its goal of creating a world without nuclear weapons.

The Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor contains state profiles for each of the world's 197 states. They are categorised according to each state's basic policy on nuclear weapons, with separate subsections for the 127 TPNW supporters, the 30 other non-nuclear-armed states, the 31 nuclear-weapon-endorsing states, and the 9 nuclear-armed states. The state profiles contain summary data on treaty status and compliance for each state, as well as other key facts. Recommendations for action are made to each state.

Grethe Østern
Norwegian People's Aid

Data collection and analysis assisted by:

Maya Brehm and Elizabeth Minor
Article 36

Stuart Casey-Maslen
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

Kjølv Egeland, Torbjørn Graff Hugo, and Gro Nystuen
Norwegian Academy of International Law (NAIL).

Design: Ida Bjerkeskaug
Torbjørn Graff Hugo

The Nuclear Weapons Ban Monitor has been researched and published with the generous funding from the following:

The Government of Austria
The Government of Ireland
The Government of New Zealand
Ploughshares Fund

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