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Nuclear-weapon-complicit states

The Netherlands was the only nuclear-weapon-complicit state to participate in the negotiations of the TPNW, but also the only state that voted against the adoption of the Treaty on 7 July 2017. The Netherlands has not adhered to the TPNW, and is not in compliance with all of the prohibitions in Article 1 of the Treaty. The Netherlands may sign and ratify the TPNW, but will have to make changes to its policies and practices to become compliant.

Latest developments and background

In November 2018, the Dutch House of Representatives adopted a series of motions calling on the government to intensify its advocacy for nuclear disarmament, including to champion the TPNW within NATO and investigate the compatibility of the TPNW with existing Dutch legislation. The Dutch foreign and defence ministers responded that there are no fundamental obstacles within the Dutch law preventing the Netherlands from joining. (


  • The Netherlands should ensure that nuclear weapons do not have a role in its national defence plans and security policies. It should renounce the retention and potential use of nuclear weapons on its behalf, for instance through a declaratory statement, and refrain from endorsing future alliance statements in support of nuclear weapons.
  • The Netherlands should urgently sign and ratify the TPNW, and encourage other states to adhere to the Treaty. Until it is in a position to do so, it should – in line with its obligations under the NPT – welcome the TPNW as a valuable contribution towards the common aspiration of a world without nuclear weapons, attend its meetings of states parties as an observer, and work with its states parties on practical steps towards disarmament.
Compliance with article 1(1) of the TPNW
Art 1(1)(a) The prohibition on developing, producing, manufacturing, or otherwise acquiring Compliant
The prohibition on testing Compliant
The prohibition on possessing or stockpiling Compliant
Art 1(1)(b) The prohibition on transferring Compliant
Art 1(1)(c) The prohibition on receiving transfer or control Compliant
Art 1(1)(d) The prohibition on using Compliant
The prohibition on threatening to use Compliant
Art 1(1)(e) The prohibition on assisting prohibited activities Not compliant
The prohibition on encouraging or inducing prohibited activities Not compliant
Art 1(1)(f) The prohibition on encouraging or inducing prohibited activities Compliant
Art 1(1)(g) The prohibition on allowing stationing, installation, or deployment Not compliant
TPNW process
Vote on mandate resolution (A/RES/71/258) Abstained
Participated in treaty negotiations (% women) Yes (30%)
Vote on adoption of treaty text Voted no
Vote on UNGA resolution 2018 Voted no
Fissile material
Highly enriched uranium stocks <1 t (~35 weapon equivalents)
Civilian plutonium stocks
Fissile material production Yes (LEU)
Related treaties and mechanisms
Party to the NPT Yes
Party to a NWFZ No
Ratified the CTBT Yes (Annex 2 state)
Party to the PTBT Yes
Member of the CD Yes
IAEA CSA in force Yes
IAEA AP in force Yes
Party to the CWC Yes
Party to the BWC Yes