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El Salvador

State with nuclear-free security policy

El Salvador is a state party to the TPNW from 22 January 2021 and is in compliance with all of the prohibitions in Article 1 of the Treaty.

TPNW status
Signed (20 Sep 2017) and ratified (30 Jan 2019)
Compliance with prohibitions in TPNW Article 1(1)
Art 1(1)(a) Develop, produce, manufacture, acquire Compliant
Test Compliant
Possess or stockpile Compliant
Art 1(1)(b) Transfer Compliant
Art 1(1)(c) Receive transfer or control Compliant
Art 1(1)(d) Use Compliant
Threaten to use Compliant
Art 1(1)(e) Assist, encourage or induce Compliant
Art 1(1)(f) Seek or receive assistance Compliant
Art 1(1)(g) Allow stationing, installation, deployment Compliant
TPNW voting and participation
Vote on negotiation mandate (A/RES/71/258) Voted yes
Participated in treaty negotiations (% women) Yes (0%)
Vote on adoption of treaty text Voted yes
Last vote on UNGA resolution Voted yes
Fissile material
Fissile material production facilities No
Highly enriched uranium stocks No
Plutonium stocks (military/civilian) No/No
Related treaties and regimes
Party to the NPT Yes
Party to a NWFZ Yes (Tlatelolco)
Ratified the CTBT Yes
Party to the PTBT Yes
Member of the CD No
IAEA CSA in force Yes
IAEA AP in force Yes
Party to the CWC Yes
Party to the BWC Yes

Latest developments

Speaking in First Committee of the 2020 UN General Assembly, El Salvador reminded all member states of the NPT that 'the implementation of Article VI of the NPT is a legal obligation, which calls on us to fulfil the commitment to nuclear disarmament, an aspect of the NPT that is still unsatisfactory. In that regard, and with the aim of prohibiting, through a legally binding instrument, the only weapons of mass destruction that had not been prohibited by international law, El Salvador participated in the negotiation and adoption of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and has ratified [it]. We [..] encourage those who have not yet done so to accelerate their internal processes'. See:


  • El Salvador should continue to encourage other states to adhere to the TPNW.
  • El Salvador should ensure that all the TPNW obligations are implemented domestically, through legal, administrative, and other necesessary measures.
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