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Trinidad and Tobago

States with nuclear-free security strategies

Trinidad and Tobago has signed and ratified the TPNW and is in compliance with all of the prohibitions in Article 1.

Latest developments and background

Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and CARICOM, Dennis Moses, signed the TPNW and deposited the government's instrument of ratification on the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons on 26 September 2019, during a special High-Level Ceremony at the UN Headquarters in New York. Speaking at a plenary session at the UN General Assembly on the same day, he said: “We view this treaty as an option for immediate action on nuclear disarmament, which is necessary in this challenging international security environment. We therefore encourage states that have not yet done so to sign and ratify the treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons.” He added that the TPNW is part of Trinidad and Tobago's efforts towards a sustainable development agenda. (


  • Trinidad and Tobago should continue to encourage other states to adhere to the TPNW.
  • Trinidad and Tobago should also ensure that all the TPNW obligations are implemented into national law.
Yes (26 Sep 2019)
Ratified (26 Sep 2019)
Compliance with article 1(1) of the TPNW
Art 1(1)(a) The prohibition on developing, producing, manufacturing, or otherwise acquiring Compliant
The prohibition on testing Compliant
The prohibition on possessing or stockpiling Compliant
Art 1(1)(b) The prohibition on transferring Compliant
Art 1(1)(c) The prohibition on receiving transfer or control Compliant
Art 1(1)(d) The prohibition on using Compliant
The prohibition on threatening to use Compliant
Art 1(1)(e) The prohibition on assisting prohibited activities Compliant
The prohibition on encouraging or inducing prohibited activities Compliant
Art 1(1)(f) The prohibition on encouraging or inducing prohibited activities Compliant
Art 1(1)(g) The prohibition on allowing stationing, installation, or deployment Compliant
TPNW process
Vote on mandate resolution (A/RES/71/258) Voted yes
Participated in treaty negotiations (% women) Yes (75%)
Vote on adoption of treaty text Voted yes
Vote on UNGA resolution 2018 Voted yes
Fissile material
Highly enriched uranium stocks No
Civilian plutonium stocks
Fissile material production No
Related treaties and mechanisms
Party to the NPT Yes
Party to a NWFZ Yes (Tlatelolco)
Ratified the CTBT Yes
Party to the PTBT Yes
Member of the CD No
IAEA CSA in force Yes
IAEA AP in force No
Party to the CWC Yes
Party to the BWC Yes