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The obligation to assist victims

In most cases so far, communities affected by nuclear weapons have received inadequate support. The TPNW’s obligation to provide victim assistance, articulated in Article 6(1), seeks to change this situation. The year 2022 saw unprecedented international attention to the rights of people affected by nuclear weapons and the need for victim assistance. States parties took steps to initiate implementation of the TPNW’s positive obligations, which in turn have already influenced priorities and discussions in forums beyond the Treaty itself.

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Sumiteru Taniguchi shows a picture of himself in black and white taken one month after the explosion of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki, and a colour photograph 6 months after. He devoted his life to informing people of the consequences of the atomic bombing and campaigned for a treaty prohibiting nuclear weapons, before passing away on 30 August 2017. His business card featured the colour photograph with the caption ‘I want you to understand, if only a little, the horror of nuclear weapons.’ Photo: Lucas Vallecillos, Science Photo Library/NTB