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The obligation to cooperate with and assist other states parties

The TPNW’s Article 6 obligations to assist victims and remediate the environment must be read in conjunction with the Treaty’s obligation under Article 7 to provide international cooperation and assistance. Article 7 spreads the burden of addressing the effects of nuclear-weapons use and testing across states parties. This will help build the capacity of affected states, promote implementation, and further the humanitarian goals of the Treaty.

NWBM Diplomats
Article 7 of the TPNW provides a mechanism for states to work in close partnership on the implementation of the Treaty. The photo was taken after the adoption of the TPNW on 7 July 2017, of diplomats from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ireland, Mexico, Nigeria, and South Africa. Photo: Ambassador Juan Sandoval Mandiolea, Mexico’s Permanent Mission to the UN in New York